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unlimited phone calls [1]
unlimited emails [1]
initial document review [2]
flex credits [3]
contract/transaction negotiation
LLC formation or review 
legal project management
multiple entities under one plan [5]
additional project discount [6]
monthly fee (not incl. expenses) [7]
estimated annual savings [8]
monthly legal advisory plans


up to 5
15% discount



up to 3
10% discount
startup advisor


business essentials


up to 2

[1] "Phone Calls” and “Emails” include emails and calls lasting less than 30 minutes. 

[2] "Initial Document Review” means that an attorney will review the document presented to point out areas of concern and possible edits. It does not include rewriting or negotiating the document.

[3] "Flex Credits” are credits that may be utilized for any service not already covered. Flex credits cannot be banked from month to month.

[4] “LLC formation or LLC review" includes the formation of one LLC or the review and replacement of one set of post-formation documentation, if applicable during the plan month. Filing fees not included.

[5] “Multiple Entities Under One Plan” means that services under a single monthly plan can be distributed between more than one engaged, legal person (such as a founder and business, or a business and its subsidiary, for instance), subject to Boon Legal's determination that no legal or ethical conflict exists, in its sole discretion.

[6] “Additional Projects” are services not covered in a Client’s plan for which Client engages the firm and for which the stated discount shall be applied. Discounts will not apply to expenses.

[7] “Expenses” include any recording or filing fees, court fees, mileage, or similar fees or costs required as part of  providing any service as determined by Boon Legal. Expenses will be billed separately. Please see your client engagement letter for more information.

[8] Estimated Annual Savings is based on the average service usage as reported by similarly situated clients.

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