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wren parker

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Human beings are the most important resource on Earth. Just imagine the infinite possibilities if we could harness every drop of untapped human potential.

Wren blends creative and innovative strategies with a ‘why not?’ approach to fostering entrepreneurship and building businesses. She is committed to collaborating with businesses, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and political entities to develop workplace cultures that empower people and leverage their collective experience to strive for best-case outcomes.

Wren excels in assisting clients with tactical problem solving focused on identifying results-based solutions in dynamic marketplaces. As a conflict resolution specialist and mediator, she brings a unique, multifaceted approach to help parties communicate better to reach mutually beneficial results. Wren works eagerly to facilitate healthy communication. And she works hard to develop and maintain lasting relationships between diverse groups of varying sociopolitical and socioeconomic frameworks.

Wren also has a deep understanding of the risks, rewards, and challenges of operating a business.  Before joining Boon Legal, she owned and operated a thriving law firm in Memphis, Tennessee. For nearly a decade, she represented individuals and businesses in transactions and litigation. Wren supports and defends her clients by blending modern approaches with good, old fashioned elbow grease. Before attending law school, Wren worked as a law clerk at some of Nashville’s most prolific firms while honing her skillset in multiple areas of law. In addition to her legal work, she also has experience consulting, strategizing, and coordinating the campaigns of multiple political candidates and advocacy groups.

Wren relishes opportunities to work with nonprofits and volunteer groups by helping with formation and structural issues, grant writing, strategic marketing, and brand development. Wren currently serves Our Father’s House Mission, a homeless shelter in Robertson County, in an ‘of counsel’ role. In addition, she volunteers at Celebrate Recovery in Sumner County and through the initiatives of Compassionate Counsel.

Wren is licensed to practice in the State of Tennessee.

career timeline

Boon Legal

Our Fathers House Mission 

Law Office of Lauren "Wren" Parker

Parker Monger
Law Office of Ronald Lucchesi 

North Purcell Ramos & Jameson, PLLC

Nashville School of Law  (JD)

Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC

David Collins, Esq., David Komisar, Esq., and

          Robert Briley, Esq.

Lowenstein, Zieglar, & Buffaloe

Buffaloe & Associates, PLC

| Office of State Senator Rusty Crowe,

          Tennessee General Assembly

Middle Tennessee State University (BA)

community engagement

| American Heart Association


| American Red Cross


| Compassionate Counsel, Northfield Church

          Volunteer Legal Services

| CR - Northfield Church & Long Hollow Baptist

          Committee Lead & Volunteer

| Our Father's House Mission

          Of Counsel, Committee Lead & Volunteer

| Second Harvest Food Bank


| The Sumner Center


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